Jan Dils' Golden Apple Award: January 2018

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - January's winner of the Jan Dils' Golden Apple Award is teacher and basketball coach Mike Fallon.

Fallon is a basketball coach at Parkersburg South High School and teaches at Martin Elementary School.

Fallon was nominated by Megan Jones, the cousin of a teenage girl fighting a rare disease, whom Fallon has taken under his wing and treats as family.

About six years ago, Fallon started an "Anna's Army Basketbal Game" in honor of the girl.

Fallon also met another girl named Haley who's battling cancer, and decided to create a similar basketball game honoring her, wearing "green and gold" and inviting the community to support.
Fallon said,

"It kind of clicked with both of them at the beginning. The first time I met Anna, she was about the same age as my daughter. When she explained her story to me, it kind of hit me. You know, how would I react if that was my daughter? It's kind of, you know I think from the get go, it's been a thing that's really worked."

Fallon says his team knows they are playing for a lot more, when they step onto that court.

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