K Kids of Neale Elementary work to make their community become a better place

Published: Nov. 19, 2019 at 9:42 PM EST
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The K Kids of Neale Elementary are working hard to make their community a better place.

K Kids is a club based on community service. The Neale Elementary school club meets on every third Tuesday of the month.

“It’s a place where you do community and a place to help other people in need,” said Brenna Bond.

“I like helping other people do stuff that they may not be able to,” said Zeke Miller, a fourth grader.

Brenna Bond is the president of the Neale K Kids club. She says they do a lot to help the community.

“One time last year we did… purses for the homeless and we put food in them. And then there’s trash cans outside for different types of food for the homeless shelters,” said Bond.

But they don’t just help the homeless. Just a few weeks ago the kids sent over 150 pounds of candy to troops overseas.

“It feels great to feel that you are helping someone in need and like someone who is taking care of our country. To give something for them,” said Bond.

K Kids is associated with Kiwanis International. A volunteer from the club stays involved with a teacher from the school.

“Kiwanis, the K Kids and the Key Clubs and Builders Clubs are teaching the young people how to be a leader in their community,” said Patty Miser, a Kiwanis Club volunteer.

The students learn to lead by doing.

“They conduct their own meetings, do their own projects and it’s just a wonderful group to be a part of,” said Miser.

The services provided by Neale Elementary students have earned them a $750 grant from Seven Eleven.

“Actually the grant, purely kind of landed in my lap. I frequent 7/11 in Vienna two days a week. And the manager, I walked in one morning, and she said ‘hey,’ and she said ‘Does Neale Elementary School have a need for money?’ and I said well, yeah, absolutely. And so I just had to write a form letter and she was gracious enough to turn it in and 7/11 is giving us $750 to use however we want,” said Ashley Carter, chaperone of the K Kids.

That money will be put toward K Kids community service projects in the near future.