Keeping your dogs safe when fireworks fly

Published: Jul. 3, 2019 at 7:21 PM EDT
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The fourth of July is the biggest day of the year for fireworks but humans are not the only ones that can be bothered or even frightened by them.

Many dog owners pay special attention to their four-legged companions on the holiday. Animal workers say the holiday's signature noise makers can be stressful and scary for dogs.

In fact, the local Humane Society of the Ohio Valley notes every year they have a handful of runaways after the holiday.

If your dog is afraid or anxious, workers recommend keeping them close, restrained and distracted.

"My suggestion is to either crate them, or put them in a room they're most comfortable in," HSOV assistant manager Rennelle McIntire said, "and if you give them their favorite chew toy, or you know their favorite stuffed animal that they like, something to distract them from the noise that's happening, it usually keeps them a little calmer."

Workers say every dog reacts differently, but always keep them close and supervised.