Update: New evidence in string of thefts out of unlocked vehicles

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New evidence has been brought forth from one of the victims of this past weekend’s thefts from unlocked vehicles.

A Wood County woman and her husband were asleep around 2:47 a.m. when a suspect approached her vehicle and entered through the unlocked passenger side door and stole a wireless headset for her cell phone. The above footage was taken by the couple's security camera and sent to the Wood County sheriff's office.

If you recognize the individual in the footage, please contact law enforcement so they can continue their investigation.

Law enforcement in Wood and Pleasants Counties are investigating a string of thefts from unlocked cars.

Deputy Anthony Lauer of the Pleasant’s County Sheriff’s office said they received eight reports of cars being entered.

“We had some reports come in this weekend, there were some vehicles entered, and some things were missing. Nothing of real value, I think the total is up to around $400,” said Lauer.

Even though vehicles are being entered and small items are being stolen, Lauer says that the thieves haven’t stolen any big or expensive items, they also haven’t done much damage.

“They’re not breaking windows, they’re not forcing their way into vehicles. At least in Pleasants County, I can speak for us, they’re literally trying unlocked doors,” said Lauer.

Williamstown Police Chief Shawn Graham said that his department received five reports of vehicles being entered. Like Deputy Lauer, Graham is encouraging everyone to lock your vehicles.

“The suspects, the criminals, are only hitting unlocked vehicles. It truly is a crime of opportunity, more often than not. I’ve been in Williamstown five years, and I think we’ve had one vehicle forcibly entered,” said Graham.

Lauer asks that people continue to look for Facebook posts from local law enforcement and if anything is stolen from your vehicle, call 911 and report it, so they can keep tabs on the thefts.