Law enforcement takes no holidays off

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WOOD COUNTY, W. Va. (WTAP) - While most people in the area are at home enjoying Thanksgiving and holiday festivities with their friends and family, others come in to work on the holidays so everyone else does not have to.

Law enforcement takes no holiday off, and holidays, especially Thanksgiving, can be some of the most dangerous in terms of safety.

Local officials are always on call, especially the Wood County 911 center. Even on holidays, they are full staffed and ready to answer any call that comes their way.

They say it can be tough, but also note that to them, holidays are the same as a regular day.

"We really don't have any specific measures taken," said Bob Mercer, Assistant Supervisor of the Wood County 911 Center. "To us it's just a day at our jobs, this is what we do. Of course we are away from our families on the holiday, but you know we have to be here, this is what we do the best."