Life After: Boaz blacksmith wins competition series 'Forged in Fire'

Published: Dec. 4, 2019 at 11:49 PM EST
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Boaz resident and self-taught blacksmith Brent Smith recently won on the competition series 'Forged in Fire'.

The show, which airs on the History Channel, showcases blacksmiths competing to recreate famous swords and knives. Though Smith's episode just aired last month, he says the process of him coming on as a contestant has been in the works since October of 2018.

Nearly a year later, viewers were able to witness him come out victorious as the winner of the competition with his recreation of the Tizonia, an iconic sword wielded by 11th century Spanish military leader El Cid.

Smith beat his opponent, Thomas, and walked away with $10,000 in prize money.

He says life since the show has been great, and business has been even better with many people putting in orders through his family-owned company '3 Arrows and Forge Woodshop' to receive products from the winning Blacksmith.

The burning question: What does Smith plan to do with the $10,000.

"My goal is to save about half of it. The other half will go to shop upgrades, tool upgrades, and such like that".

Beyond the prize money, Smith says he's proud to put West Virginia blacksmiths on the map and continue to carry out his passion.