Lights For Love protest rally held in Muskingum Park

Marietta, Oh (WTAP)-- All across the globe, people are coming together to speak out against what they see as injustice.

In Marietta, more than 80 individuals gathered in Muskingum Park to take part in "Lights for Liberty"-- a rally to protest inhumane treatment of border crossing immigrants and children.

People of all ages, races and social station are coming together to sing songs, speak and inspire each other to take action.

Friday night's rally was organized by Lisa Bammerlin, a local self-employed mother who was moved to take action three weeks ago.

She says we treat animals better than some immigrants and detainees are treated.

"It really worries me that we're heading down a direction where none of us are free...and that's not what this country stands for," reminds organizer Lisa Bammerlin. "That's not what our servicemen and women...not what our forefathers, have fought for."

Rallies across the nation and around the globe are being held July 12th to raise awareness of the plight of families torn apart, and the mistreatment of asylum seekers.

Friday night's rally was concluded with a candlelight vigil after sunset at the Muskingum Park gazebo.

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