Local Reaction to the 911 SAVES Act in the US House

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PARKERSBURG, W. Va. (WTAP) - 911 Dispatchers work a stressful and important job but their job is in the same category as a taxi dispatcher, one US House Representative plans to change this. Our Cory Smith has more.
You may never see them but Dispatchers are many times the first person you speak to when there is an emergency.
Dispatchers often provide life-saving information but their distinction or title has essentially been no difference between their designation and that of any other type of dispatcher.
“Well right now they are designated as a taxi cab or trucking company dispatcher under that designation, and what they do is far, far more than that. These folks have to go to schools and training and it takes dispatchers 3-4 months proper training before they actually go live on air with emergency responders.”
U.S. Representative Norma Torres from California who was a 911 dispatcher herself introduced the SAVES Act to Congress last week which would change dispatchers effectively into first responders by changing their classification to Protective Service Occupations.
Locally here in the Mid-Ohio valley there is support for this change that would reclassify the role of the dispatchers.
The changes enacted by the bill would have zero cost and only change the classification of the dispatchers.

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