Local Red Cross volunteer aids victims in tornado-devastated region

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A member of our own community is making a difference in the areas of the country that were affected by tornadoes less than a week ago.

Jean Brothers, a long time Red Cross Volunteer, left on Tuesday to help those who were devastated by a powerful tornado in the southeastern part of Alabama and Georgia.

She has volunteered for 40 disaster relief efforts over her time as a volunteer.

On site, she has been overseeing the organization and facilitation of aid.

“I’m stationed at the headquarters and I facilitate sending out the feeding people, the emergency supplies folks, and taking care of the shelters. I just make sure everything runs smoothly and if they need anything in those places, I just make sure they get what they need to take care of the clients,” explains Brothers.

Brothers says that she began volunteering with the Red Cross because, after retirement, she wanted some structure in her life and she wanted to help others.


A long-time area Red Cross volunteer is among those from across the country headed to a storm-ravaged part of Alabama.

Jean Brothers has taken part in 40 disaster relief efforts over the years.

She left Tuesday for an area of southeastern Alabama and Georgia, where an EF-4 tornado left 23 dead and 90 injured in one community this past weekend.

She has responded to several types of disasters, but she fears tornadoes the most.

"In my opinion, tornadoes are the worst, because they're so violent, and they do a lot more devastation," Brothers says. "Floods go up and come down, hurricanes, we anticipate them. But tornadoes, they're just horrific."

Other local Red Cross volunteers are in Kentucky, handling relief efforts from major flooding.

Brothers expects other volunteers will join her in the coming days.