Local accountant discusses impact of recent tax changes

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BELPRE, Ohio (WTAP) - It's Tax Season and tax preparation businesses, like H&R Block in Belpre, say they're starting to see more customers, as we approach Tax Day on April 15.

We spoke with Deborah Randolph, a Certified Public Accountant in Belpre, who says low and middle-income individuals and families in our area have largely benefited from last year's tax overhaul.

While businesses and property owners have taken a slight hit with some new rules, they also saw some help with a new change this year.

"This year the biggest thing that clients are excited about is the health penalty for not having an affordable health care is gone, so they're not going to be penalized if they didn't have insurance, so that's the biggest win that the clients we serve right now are interested in."

She says if you were surprised by a lower refund or having to pay, change you W-4 Form with your employer to withhold more tax money from each paycheck.

She says it's a matter of if you want more in your paycheck or in a refund when April 15th rolls around.