Local business delivers meals to WVU Medicine Camden Clark nurses

PARKERSBURG, W. Va. A project started by Pete's Pizza in Mineral Wells had the owners of Patterson Cleaning and the Hideout delivering food to WVU Medicine Camden Clark nurses.

As we all know with this pandemic happening our medical professionals are working very hard.

Melvin Romeo is the president of Patterson Cleaning and says the owner of Pete's Pizza in Mineral Wells contacted him and someone donated money to her to feed someone special. Patterson Cleaning decided to feed these nurses to thank them for all of their hard work.

"They're are angels, they're the ones that are on the forefront of this, they're the ones taking the risk every night, they have to worry about if they are taking something home to their families," said Melvin Romeo, Patterson Cleaning, president." They have to worry about getting quarantined here at the hospital away from their families."

Romeo says, he hopes other local businesses can donate meals or funds to feed these nurses every night until this crisis is over.

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