Local business owners head to Washington D.C. to lobby for correction to tax code

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - The owners of two restaurant franchises in the Mid-Ohio Valley are heading to the capitol tomorrow to talk to congressional lawmakers.

The owners of Burger Kind and Qdoba in Parkersburg and Marietta are lobbying to fix an error in the 2017 tax code that affects small businesses depreciation.

They say both political parties agree the fix needs to be made, but it is caught up in the political process in D.C. They says it is a small business issue that will help strengthen the country's economy.

“The impact is really pretty bad because what's going to happen is, there will be more and more businesses who chose to push off, remodels, new restaurant construction.” Explains Matt Herridge, an owner of local Burger King franchises. “In fact even here in Parkersburg as a part of a number of issues, but this being one big part of the issue, we are slowing down our progress as we grow with new restaurants.”

CNBC was in Parkersburg Monday to feature the efforts Herridge is going through to make this fix.

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