Local chamber of commerce holds seminar on flooding

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - A local chamber of commerce brought together several resources to let businesses know about the challenges of flooding.

The Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce organized a forum called "Flood waters - are you ready?" for its members Thursday at Washington State Community College.

It brought together several different speakers to talk about different topics such as understanding and getting insurance, understanding the weather forecast, and even the city's flood infrastructure.

Organizers say you can never be too prepared.

"This is about putting together a comprehensive plan for everyone to participate in when the floodwaters begin to rise," said Kristopher Justice, board chairman for the Marietta chamber, "and those are all emergency services, insurance, all of those are pieces to the puzzle, that if we can put those together, we're going to put and make sure our members and the business community, they're ready and they're prepared."

"Making sure that the community as well as the business owners and leaders of the community have the knowledge as well as kind of the insight," National Weather Service Ohio river forecast lead hydrologist Ryan Fliehman said, "so they can make informed decisions as to whether they need to prepare more or whether they've got a little bit more time to where they can get as much information as possible."

Congressman Bill Johnson also spoke at the event about work being done in Washington D.C. to improve the federal flood insurance program.