Local employers learn more about PTSD, hiring veterans

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - Members of the Mid-Ohio Valley business community meet to learn more about post-tramatic stress disorder.

David Kirker, a veteran and the director of psychological health at the Ohio Army National Guard, put on a presentation at the Mid-Ohio Valley Safety Council's monthly meeting at the Marietta Shrine Club Wednesday.

Kirker spoke about the facts of PTSD, what it is, who it affects and some myths about the disease that just aren't true. He says he hopes to educate employers about how they can work with those who do face it.

"There's kind of this notion that every service member has PTSD," he said, "and you know, that's just not true, so we want to come out here and thank them and help them understand how important employers and families are to service members."

"Also try and educate them and help them understand that...having employees that are service members we feel benefits every organization."

Kirker says even though PTSD gets tied to combat veterans, it can affect anyone that experiences a traumatic event during their life.

The Mid-Ohio Valley Safety Council is a program of the Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce, co-sponsored by The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation.