Local fire department hosts dodgeball fundraiser to help a family in need

VINCENT, Ohio (WTAP) - The Dunham Township Fire Department hosted its 2nd annual dodgeball tournament to raise money for a local family for Christmas.

Last year there were six teams and this year the department was thrilled to have twelve.

Local fire departments and people in the community put together teams.
They say, they enjoy competing and coming together for the good of others.

Fire Chief Ernie Hoschar says, he has been with the department for 25 years and says the department has always helped families in need. But, the dodgeball tournament brings more donations and more help from the community.

"It's important everyone can use a hand up once in a while, whether its a house fire, flood, or just a bad experience at work and somebody happens to be unemployed. I hate to see kids go without Christmas...we all do," said Chief Hoschar.

Hoschar says the tournament is open to anyone in the community who puts together a team and pays a $60 entrance fee and all proceeds go to the family in need.

The fire department is hoping more teams sign up next year, so they will be able to help more than one family.

Chief Hoschar would also like to get local businesses involved and ask them to match whatever the donations are made.

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