Local flower shops prepare for Valentine’s Day

PARKERSBURG W.Va, (WTAP)- “Valentine’s Day is definitely our busiest holiday,” says Keith McClung, an owner of Crown Florals.

“It really starts in December. Before Christmas is even over, we’re already thinking about Valentine’s day,” explains Heather Fowler, an owner at Dudley’s Florist.

“We make sure all the vases are ordered, all the flowers are already ordered,” Tina Perkins, an owner at of Obermeyer’s Florist, notes.
Some of the flowers in your sweetheart’s bouquet traveled a long way to get to the Mid-Ohio Valley.

“Our flowers have come from all over the world. If they had a little passport with them, they’re coming from Ecuador, South America Columbia, and even some of our greens come from the United States,” McClung explains.

As flower shops are preparing for their biggest day of the year this Thursday, ordering extra flowers isn’t all they need to do to pull it all off.

“We normally have a staff between both stores of about 15 people. We increase that, including our holiday drivers up to about 25 to 30 just to make sure we have the product made in a timely fashion and we get things where they need to go,” Fowler explains.

The general consensus agrees that red roses are the most in demand gift by far.

While all of the florists have grab and go arrangements pre-made, they recommend planning ahead for the big day to guarantee you’ll get what you’re looking for.

The florists also say they have a unique sense of pride through being a way people share affection, and that they all help each other within the floral community to achieve a common goal.

“If Obermeyer’s needs some white lilies, they call. If I need a heart shaped foam wreath from Obermeyer’s, we trade back and forth. Every one works together to make the customer happy and I would like to think that’s the goal of every florist in the community. Whether it’s Dudley’s, whether it’s Obermeyer’s, whether it’s Crown, we all work together as a team. I think it’s a community effort to make everybody happy,” says Fowler.

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