Local hunting dealers watch for changes in gun laws

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WOOD COUNTY, W.Va.-(WTAP) Hunting stores are among those awaiting the resolution of so-called "red flag" laws proposed by Ohio's governor, after this past summer's mass shootings in Dayton and other nationwide cities.

"There are no changes right now, and it's all a political process," Greg Smith, owner of Henderson Wilds, said recently. "We'll just wait and see what happens, and we'll adjust to whatever happens."

Such laws were also unsuccessfully proposed by Ohio Governor John Kasich, before he left office last January.

But Walmart, the nation's largest retailer, made some changes of its own earlier this year. That, after it was one of the locations hit by mass shootings.

"We welcome Walmart shoppers," Smith says. "We have ammunition, we have firearms, we have the supplies, if people need the supplies, and nothing's changed."

The Walmart decision-not to continue selling certain types of ammunition-affected military-style weapons. It also discontinued the sale of handguns in Alaska, the only state in which It still sold them.

"They still sell hunting ammunition," Henderson Wilds clerk Michael McDonald said. "But when we got the news about that, we made sure customers were stocked up on the type of ammunition they said they were no longer willing to sell."

Republican leaders in the Ohio Legislature have so far resisted Governor Mike DeWine's call for increased background checks on gun sales.