Local leaders learn about oil and gas industry at MOV Chamber of Commerce luncheon

Published: May. 10, 2018 at 5:52 PM EDT
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Business and local leaders learn more about the oil and gas industry in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Energy Speaks and the Mid-Ohio Valley Chamber of Commerce organized their monthly lunch and learn event Thursday at the Judge Blank Annex building in downtown Parkersburg.

Guest speaker, Kevin Digregorio, who is the executive director of Chemical Alliance Zone, answered questions about the industry and energy policy.

He also spoke about the biggest potential projects for the region.

"So it's cracker plants and everything that comes with that," he said. "Right now Shell is building a facility in Pennsylvania which is probably a 10-million dollar investment and 350 to 500 permanent jobs, folks with STEM degree educations making 80 to 120 thousand dollars plus on average. So that's the opportunity here as well."

He also took questions from the audience about the oil and gas industry.