Local organization makes efforts to clean up Lynn Street

PARKERSBURG, W. Va. (WTAP) - Momma T and the Warriors already serve meals and give away clothes to the homeless on Lynn Street every week.

"It's about changing lives altogether. So, we started this will be our first house here," said Momma T.

Lynn Street is in the heart of the drug problem in Parkersburg and she is fixing homes for people in an effort to clean up the street.

Momma T is able to take on this project with the help of Recovery Point and donations.

Not only is she fixing the outside of homes, Momma T says it's about the people who live inside.

"It's about finding them jobs, meeting their needs inside the house, helping with clothing for their children, grandchildren whatever they need to get them back into society and living a normal life that is the whole goal of this," said Momma T.

Amanda McCune lives in the home and has been struggling to take care of her children and grandchildren.

"Things are coming together, I am very appreciative for what everybody is doing for me and my grandchild and my kids it means the world like I don't even know what I did to deserve this or why she picked me but I am very grateful, very grateful," said McCune.

Momma T says, she know this is only the beginning but she will keep going one house at a time. She would love the community support and needs donations to continue.

"I think its helping a lot of people eat and there are a lot of people out here that go without food and not have any way to provide for themselves. She and her warriors are helping with that and it's amazing what she's doing…it's amazing," said McCune.

To donate, please visit the "Momma T and the Warriors" Facebook page.

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