Local police department talks about project life saver

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - Over the weekend, a Belpre man suffering from dementia was found dead in a ditch after wandering off.

Locally, police departments in Wood and Washington County have Project Livesaver to prevent tragedies such as these from happening.

Project lifesaver is a tracking device that gives family members and police the ability to track loved ones who wander off.

"It's a huge help to families, I think it alone gives them a piece of mind. If something does happen, we can respond very quickly and help them find their loved ones in a timely fashion," said Lt. Rist, Washington County Sheriff's Office.

Families members will be able to track their loved ones by the loved one wearing a band on their wrist or ankle.

Project lifesaver is available for children and the elderly.

To get the device for your loved one, contact:

Buckeye Hills Regional Council, buckeyehills.org or email info@buckeyehills.org

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