Local politicians remember President George H.W. Bush

So many admire George H.W. Bush’s poise, class, and overall demeanor throughout his life.

Rob Cornelius, the Chair of the Wood County Republican Party was particularly in awe of his versatility and family line that has always been dedicated to service.

“George Bush’s history is amazing. A guy who played baseball, a guy who ran the CIA, a guy who was an ambassador, a guy who saw a lot in his many many years. If he has never become president, he would have been a truly great American but for him to come along and do that and to give us a guy who became president for two more terms and took our country through one of its most difficult times in 2001, the Bush family we’re so proud of them and we’re so going to miss first George Bush,” notes Cornelius.

He also mentions that President Bush was always a good example as a respectable, well-mannered man.

Other prominent members of the community who had the opportunity to know the former president personally say that he knew how to be professional but also never forgot how to be human.

Nancy Hollister was Mayor of Marietta when George H.W. Bush visited the Mid-Ohio Valley and she says she admires the man who was able to have strength in his compassion and a devotion to public service.

“He was a gift. He was a pleasure. He was someone who held his office in high regard, but in even higher regard, he held people and what they stood for and what they needed and where they needed to go. He was able to make decisions and absorb the consequences of those decisions and say so. He was someone I greatly admired,” says for Hollister.

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