Local restaurants adjust to COVID-19

MARIETTA, Ohio Owners of the River Dog Café and Diner in Williamstown has turned its restaurant into a convenient store temporarily due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Now we’re going to be supplying with people with the groceries that they need to keep going from week to week while we are under this current situation," said Ryan Neville, owner.

The restaurant opened back in January and says this adjustment just caused them to supply a need in the Williamstown community.

“There’s a lot of people in the grocery stores right now, we’re being told to stay away from crowds; what’s the best way of doing that, stay in your car, stay in your car, shop from your car, shop from home as much as possible," said Neville.

Ryan decided to turn the restaurant into a grocery, drive-thru, and pick up.

Ryan and his wife, say they really want the elderly population to utilize this service to avoid the crowds at the grocery stores.

Across the river, “Moon” Mullen is also adjusting to the new way of life by offering delivery and carry out at Over the Moon Pub and Pizza.

Over the Moon Pub and Pizza has been in the Marietta community for more than 10 years and Moon says customers have still been very supportive during this time.

“It’s not near as much fun as it was in the old days when you could get a pizza and a beer but its what we’ve going to do and we’re going to get through this thing," said Moon Mullen, Over the Moon Pub & Pizza, owner.

Moon says, he has had to cut back on hours but he wants to be able to take care of his staff by keeping them employed during this time of uncertainty.

"The Mid-Ohio Valley, keep it together, be together, and we’re going to see the other side of this and come out stronger, stronger, stronger” said Moon Mullen, owner.

To contact River Dog Café & Diner for grocery pick up, carry out, or drive-thru 740-336-2661.

To contact for delivery or carry out, Over the Moon Pub & Pizza at 740-373-4000.

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