Local teens aim to change the world in church performance

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Local teens shared a positive message to the community Sunday morning, at their church.

Students of the Escape Student Ministries performed a skit to show how sins can hold you back, but Jesus can set you free. Teens ranging from 11 to 17 put it together themselves, practicing for a few hours a week for the last few months.

They performed it for others in the Escape youth group and twice Sunday at the Liberty Street Church of God in front of the congregation, family and friends.

Organizers say the audience was left in tears after the first performance Sunday.

Sixteen year old Jessica Dennison participated in the skit and says, "We hope that not only that people get the message but that people come to know that even though we are covered in our sin that Jesus can always take it away. So we just want to be able to show that and not only show us doing this kind of thing, but showing that teens [are not] all that bad."

At the end of the performance, they transformed into positive messages such as freedom, peace, acceptance and joy.

People of the church say the kids put everything together themselves and wanted to change the world with their performance.

You can view the entire skit in the video section at the top of this article.

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