Marietta woman meets her long-lost sister for the first time

MARIETTA OH (WTAP)- Movies, sitcoms, even reality TV shows have all featured the seemingly unfathomable situation. Siblings, separated at birth, meeting for the very first time. But for a family right here in Marietta, that exact situation became their reality.

Carol Tippett met her biological siblings Saturday night at the Columbus airport. Tippett, living in Portland Oregon, was adopted when she was two days old.

Now, more than 60 years later, she is getting to know her biological siblings and the rest of her family here in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Dorothy Lowe, Tippet’s sister, says she and her mother had tried to locate Tippett in the past, and Tippett had previously tried to locate her biological family, but their attempts had been unsuccessful until a few months ago.

“We’re just happy for the now. We’re happy for God’s blessings, God’s Grace, God giving my mother forgiveness and that Carol has forgiven as well,” says Dorothy Lowe.

A full feature on their meeting will be showcased as our “This is Home” segment this Friday at 6.