Lots of people traveling this weekend by air and by highways

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WOOD COUNTY, W.Va.-(WTAP) VIA Air apparently has shaken off its mechanical issues, and people are booking flights on its route from Wood County to Charlotte, North Carolina-so much that some flights are full.

The association predicts about 2.6 million travelers will make their way next weekend via automobile.

"We've actually had some people who have booked (flights), who are going to the NASCAR race in Charlotte this weekend, and coming back on Monday," says Jeff McDougle, Manager, Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport. "So, people have found out they can fly pretty cheaply to the race, and they're doing it this weekend."

There were two private flights on the runway when the late morning VIA flight was taking off Wednesday: one leaving at the same time, the other landing.

But the preferred way of travel remains on the roads. And they're expected to be busy this coming weekend.

West Virginia State Police say that's a reminder to drivers that normal methods of calculating drive time may not be accurate.

"If that GPS says it's a 90-minute drive, you need to leave a bit early," says 1st Sgt. B.S. Snodgrass, District Commander, West Virginia State Police. "A 90-minute drive is usually on a normal traffic day. If it's more congested, people are going to find they're not going to get to their destinations as quickly as their GPS says they are, and people are going to get frustrated."

Area agencies also remind motorists the "Click It or Ticket" program for enforcing seat belt use began Tuesday. It will be in effect into the month of June.

And police say two bridge repair projects could slow down motorists this weekend.

They are at the Bonds Creek Bridge on U.S. Route 50 in Ritchie County, and the Whipple bridge on Interstate 77 in Washington County.