UPDATE: Lowell water safe to drink despite discoloration, Ohio EPA says

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LOWELL, Ohio. (WTAP) - UPDATE: 8/22/19

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency confirmed on Thursday that the Village of Lowell's water supply is safe despite persistent programs with discoloration.

The EPA met with village officials in July to go over short- and long-term solutions, and a spokesman said Thursday that the water is safe

That meeting followed a notice violation notice from the EPA in June that cited the village for "exceeding the secondary maximum contaminant level for manganese."

In an email, EPA spokesman Dina Pierce said this type of violation "is defined as a drinking water standard set to address aesthetics of the water – taste, color, odor."

"These are not health-based standards,” she said.

Pierce said the village currently does not have a treatment system in place to treat for manganese or iron, which are responsible for the discoloration.

"The short term fix is to complete a full unidirectional flushing program, complete a rate study and evaluate source and treatment options," Pierces said. "The long term fix is to purchase water from a neighboring system or address the source water issues by installing iron and manganese treatment devices on the current system."

Update: 6/21/2019

Bottled water is now available to residents of the village of Lowell, Ohio, who are concerned about the quality of public water system.

Village officials, in a statement, say the Ohio EPA has reviewed the village's testing results, and say the water is safe to drink.

But it began offering bottled water Friday afternoon, to those concerned about the water's discoloration. Residents Monday raised concerns about drinking water quality at the village council meeting.

The village says bottled water will be provided, in amounts up to five gallons per person per week, at the village water office Monday through Friday from 8 A.M. to 4 P.M.


Residents of Lowell have been dealing with discolored water for months; tonight we talked to officials about what they are doing to fix the issue.
At the council meeting tonight residents brought up their concerns about the discolored drinking water and the effects it could have on their health.
In response, council members brought up the fact that the contaminant is Iron and Manganese, both naturally occurring elements that are considered non-toxic.
Lowell is working with the EPA and ADR, a firm out of Newark, Ohio to find solutions to remove the substance from the drinking water.
According to the council, the water is safe to drink and customers should have no concern about your health.
Tomorrow we will talk to a resident about their concerns about the drinking water and their questions towards the council.