Lowell woman spends retirement organizing blood drives

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LOWELL, Ohio (WTAP) - One Washington County woman has spent her retirement making a difference, and filling a void left by Marietta Memorial Hospital after the hospital stopped accepting blood donations.

For the last five years Linda Miller has been coordinating blood drives at the Lowell Volunteer Fire Department.

She says it all started when she had trouble finding a place to donate in Washington County. She ended up donating in Williamstown, West Virginia, where a Red Cross worker suggested she start a blood drive.

To spur involvement, Miller cooks homemade food and collects gift cards for people who donate.

And she tries to keep donors involved.

“The week before my blood drive, I usually text the people that usually donate and say ‘hey are you available?’ and if they’re available, they’ll text me back and we’ll set a time,” said Miller.

Miller says her blood drives will take walk-ins and the next one will be at the Lowell Volunteer Fire Department this Friday from 1 to 6:30 p.m.