MOV WIC provides children with winter essentials

Published: Dec. 9, 2019 at 4:42 PM EST
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MOV WIC is keeping traditions alive with its special Christmas tree decorated with hats and gloves for children.

The program allows children who visit the office with their mothers to pick out a set of gloves and a beanie to keep them warm during the cold winter season.

Most of the hats and gloves are donated by WIC employees and the rest come from the community.

"The children are always gracious and say, thank you usually jump up and down or excited," said Shannon Hedrick, outreach collaborator, MOV WIC.

WIC is a federal nutrition program that helps women, infants, and children until the age of five with free nutrition, counseling, education, and health care. The program is also available for foster and kinship parents.

WIC is available in nine counties throughout the Mid-Ohio Valley.

If you would like to donate hats and gloves or if you are a mother in need of WIC services, you can visit the office or contact 304-428-3688.