Marietta City Schools levy renewal and Ohio Primary delay

Published: Feb. 19, 2020 at 3:21 PM EST
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Update: 3/20/2020

With the Ohio Primary election on hold, the outcome of several local candidate races and issues is also still to be determined.

One of those issues: an emergency levy for Marietta City Schools first approved five years ago and now due for renewal.

While school leaders would like to see that resolved as soon as possible, the school system has until late this year to win approval of the measure.

"We still have the opportunity in November to present the levy again," says Superintendent of Schools Will Hampton. "If we pass it again, fine. But if it fails at that point, it will impact us negatively. We'd really like to get this behind us so that we can focus on the work that we have to do."

The levy generates $2.75 million for the district.

The Ohio Primary, set for March 17, was postponed due to health concerns. It is currently rescheduled for June 2.


Early voting for primary elections opened today, and one issue on the ballot for Marietta voters is a renewal of a preexisting levy that helps to fund the school district.

The levy last passed in November 2015.

It generates $2.75 million for the district, and those funds go toward salaries and benefits for teachers, and money for athletics, busing, and special education.

The concern for Marietta City Schools is that voters may confuse this levy with the bond issue to build new buildings that was voted down last fall.

The Emergency Levy will not create any new taxes for voters, it will simply keep them the same.

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