Marietta Community Foundation receives $5.5 million donation

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - The Marietta Community Foundation has received its largest donation ever, thanks to a $5.5 million gift to the foundation given from the estate of Adriaan “Arie” Janssens.

Image: Marietta Community Foundation

Janssens died on May 20, 2018, but before his death, he took steps to crate two funds: The Carol Christy Scholarship and the R. Neil and Doris Christy Community Fund.

The Carol Christy Scholarship was created in honor of Janssens’s late wife, Carol Christy, and will will be available to graduating seniors attending a high school in Washington County who plan to obtain an undergraduate degree from any four-year institution.

For eligible students, the Christy Scholarship can help offset up to 50 percent of overall tuition and fee costs for up to four years.

The R. Neil and Doris Christy Community Fund was established in honor of Carol’s parents, and is an Unrestricted Fund to be used to meet the needs of communities in Washington County.

Restricted Funds, such as the Christy Scholarship, are funds dedicated for a specific group or purpose established by the donor.

Unrestricted Funds, such as the Christy Community Fund, are donations given to an organization to be used at its discretion as needs or emergencies arise in the community.

Heather Allender, Marietta Community Foundation CEO, said, “As stewards for our community’s philanthropic endowments, we look forward to honoring Mr. Janssens’s intent throughout our community for many years to come.”

Bret Frye, Chair of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, said, “It is always appreciated when we receive a donation of any kind, but it is always special when we receive a donation marked 'Unrestricted.' That means this donor trusts our integrity as individuals and as an organization. They trust we will put the community first. Their trust is not something we take lightly, it is of great value."