Marietta Community Foundations partners with Harvest of Hope

MARIETTA, Ohio The Marietta Community Foundation will be purchasing $10,000 dollars worth of food to donate to local food pantries and is partnering with Washington County Harvest of Hope to deliver the food to various food pantries throughout the community.

Organizers say unfortunately, many of the volunteers at Harvest of Hope are seniors and they can no longer volunteer during this time of uncertainty. So, the staff is learning how to drive the delivery vans.

"In the event that these senior volunteers are unable to drive, we can do that and so it's just an effort to really just address the needs in the community, access to food is super important right now and so that's what we're out here just trying to do," said Heather Allender, Marietta Community Foundation, president/CEO.

Allender suggests that people in need of the meals contact the local food pantry in their area.

To donate visit,

To volunteer visit, or contact Susan Allender, 740-538-8811.

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