Marietta Welfare League hands out more than $90,000 in grants

MARIETTA, Ohio The Marietta Welfare League handed out grants totaling more than $90,000 dollars to 38 organizations.

Some of of the groups getting the money were local churches and groups that provide food for hungry children and care for pets.

All of the organizations say, they are grateful and that every little bit helps keep its organizations going.

"By providing much needed funds, the proceeds from our grant will be used to purchase a much needed cooler,so that we can store and extend the shelf life of produce," said Sherry Hill, Greater Marietta Community Food Pantry, director. "We're trying to offer our families and children in particular more healthy food choices such as fruit and vegetables."

Amy Taylor is the president of the Marietta Welfar League and says, the organization was excited to host the annual award ceremony.

"It is an unbelievable feeling just to be surrounded by all of these community members and to be able to give back to the community heart is just full and I'm tearing up as we give away that money," said Taylor.

Funding for the grants come from the proceeds from "The League Shop" at Marietta Memorial Hospital. This year is the most funding its ever provided.

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