Marietta buys new street sweeper to help keep roads clean

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - The city of Marietta recently purchased new equipment to help keep its streets clean and safe.

Streets superintendent Todd Stockel said the new street sweeper is fresh off the rack and has not even been used yet. But that will change quickly.

This replaces the department's former sweeper, which was bought back in 2013. And this new model has a few more features to help keep roads even more clean.

"It's got a back suction tube on it that allows us to go down into catch basins and clean up all the salt," Stockel said, "the sand and a lot of leaves from last fall that are wedged down in there and it prevents them from getting clogged as much as possible."

Stockel also pointed out the new model as a water hose inside the suction tube that sprays and makes it easier to pick stuff up.

The sweepers usually last around five years and they are used almost every day, all-year round.