Marietta city schools adds more air conditioning to schools

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - Marietta school district is almost finished installing more air conditioning units at all of its schools.

Superintendent Will Hampton says the project cost around $50,000 and includes 60 new cooling units.

Marietta Middle School principal Brittany Schob said her school received 13 new units and they carefully selected where the units would go to maximize the time students spend in the air conditioning.

"Looking at a student's schedule, they could have three, four, up to five periods of being in the air conditioning," she said, "which helps greatly on an eight-period day, so we have tried to find a way to maximize them with the air conditioning in that way."

Hampton added while these new additions don't cover every classroom at each school, the majority of students will now be in air conditioned classrooms for most of the school day.