Marietta College registers students to vote

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - Tuesday is National Voter Registration Day, and college campuses across the United States registered students to vote.

Locally, Marietta College had three voting stands for students to register for the upcoming elections, and the college was happy to report 100 students signed up.

Katie Evans is the school's coordinator for community-based learning.

"The very first person I ever registered to vote was someone who was of the opposite political party that I am apart of," Evans said.

Evans said everyone should exercise their right to vote as citizens of the United States.

"It was really an important moment for me because I had to ask myself how important it was for everybody to be registered to vote," she said. "Since then that has been a huge passion of mine, registering anybody to vote and giving them the tools and the access to make it as easy as possible."

One important issue on the ballot this fall in Marietta is a levy for Marietta City Schools district.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 5.

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