Marietta residents learn how to make maple syrup

MARIETTA, Ohio Friends of Lower Muskingum River (FLMR) visit Marietta College to teach members of the community how to make maple syrup.

The organization is a local land trust whose mission is to serve and protect natural areas in the lower Muskingum watershed. Unfortunately due to the weather, they were unable to visit a tree and see the process. But organizers say, its still important for the community to learn how to tap maple syrup.

Matt Halfhill is a board member of FMLR who teaches the workshop and has a farm where he taps a lot of maple trees.

Organizers say, to be able to tap maple trees, you must be in tune with the weather and the health of the tree.

"I think its important to encourage people to make their own food and to live more sustainable," said Tiffany Harvey, Friends of Lower Muskingum River, executive director.

In the future, the organization is hoping to host more workshops for the community to teach them about the environment.

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