Matamoras students meet with EMS workers

NEW MATAMORAS, Ohio (WTAP) - Emergency situations can be intimidating for everyone, but it can be especially true for young people.

With National EMS Week coming up next week, members of the Matamoras EMS spent Friday afternoon at Matamoras Elementary School trying to ease some of the fears kids might face.

The first responders answered questions, showed the kids the inside of an ambulance and let them see firsthand some of the equipment they use to help people.

Students got to ride on the squad's gurney and talk with the first responders about what to do if someone's bleeding. They also got to check out things like splints, stethoscopes and blood-pressure cuffs and monitors.

One EMT said the goal is to show kids what to expect and maybe help put them at ease if they ever have an emergency.

“Yeah, they're asking a lot of questions,” EMT Justin Gilkey said. “Things from, like, you know, ‘what's this do? Does it hurt? Will I be asleep?’ Things like that.

“So, it's really encouraging to get in front of these kids and be able to talk to them about this stuff. Like I said, being out here and being in front of them so they recognize us when we come, it's a good thing."

Gilkey said he hopes sessions like the one on Friday will helps kids if they are ever in a bad situation and need to help out with basic first aid before first responders arrive.