May, 2019 Jan Dils' Golden Apple Award Winner: Becky Iman

BELPRE, Ohio (WTAP) - Congratulations to the May, 2019 Jan Dils' Golden Apple Award winner Becky Iman who is a 1st grade teacher at Belpre Elementary School.

Ms. Iman was nominated for the Golden Apple award by a mother who says Iman goes above and beyond of what is expected of teachers.

She’s known for always being available to students and parents outside of school hours.

Iman’s been teaching for 7 years.

The staff and students at Belpre Elementary school say they you can see her passion for teaching every day when she comes to work.

"They’re still hungry to learn, they are like little sponges. They want to learn. They are excited to learn how to read,” says Iman. "They’re excited to do math and things like the older kids. They have the hunger to learn. They are really loving, so it’s just really rewarding.

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