Mayor talks about several announcements made in Ravenswood

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RAVENSWOOD, W. Va. (WTAP) - There have been several announcements from the city of Ravenswood in the past few days. Our cory smith sat down with mayor josh miller to talk about them.
“We found out BB&T was going to leave in April of 2019. We thought that was the perfect spot for a future site of city hall.”
It was announced earlier this week that the city of Ravenswood is planning to buy the old bank building on Wall Street to house the new city hall as well as other city services.
The mayor says that the goal of the move would be to not only get a new location that is more suitable for the city but would also allow several city services such as the Police to be housed in the same location.
“We got it for half the price, of course we want to thank the Jackson County Development Authority for working with us to get into this lease-purchase agreement with them and you know, also thanks to BB&T for working with us. This is going to be a great asset for the community.
Also this week was announced that the state has approved the usage of Home Rule by the city. The mayor says there are several things that the city has planned when it comes to Home Rule.
Some of these include adding sales tax, decreasing business taxes, as well as giving Code Enforcement the ability to give on the s ite citations to help reduce the amount of vacant and dilapidated properties.
“The municipal sales tax which we have probably 30 to 35 cities that have done this now, they’ve all had success and have now been able to take on special projects, infrastructure, they have been able to sure up their first responder funding; police, fire, you know their maintenance department, I mean it has been successful.”
The mayor says that both the new building and home rule ordinances still have to pass through city council which will vote on these proposed changes over the next few months.