McConnelsville residents recovering from flood

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MCCONNELSVILLE, Ohio (WTAP) - Residents in McConnellsville are picking up the pieces, after rain caused some streets to flood Wednesday night.

Several rounds of rain moved through causing a creek in the area to overflow.

“That’s the first time I really experienced a flash flood up close and personal it happens very very quick. In the course of 20 minutes it went from being in the banks in that creek to being out here on the streets," said Doug Hughes, who lives on North 8th Street. Many homes on that street received damage due to the flooding.

Becky Knapp said her father's house had a lot of damage. She described one of the rooms damaged as being, "full of photo albums and all kinds of memories.”

Meanwhile, some think more can be done to prevent flooding like this from happening. Tim Downs, who has lived in the area for years, said a bridge that's located on top of the creek could be a part of the problem.

“The bridge was replaced about 20 years ago and it doesn’t have the height or the clearance that the old bridge did, so the retaining wall is kind of a minute thing because the water hits the bridge before it ever gets to the top of the retaining wall and once it hits the bridge, it backs up and it goes through everybody’s yards and gets into everybody’s basements," he said.

In the meantime, residents are coming together to repair and rebuild.

“I always felt bad about other people when it happens but it’s a like a lot of things you don’t know how bad it feels until it happens," Downs said.

“We look at this as a disruption to our everyday every week norm we got a mess to clean up we’ll rally together to get it cleaned up," Hughes said.

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