UPDATE: Marietta medical marijuana dispensary slated to open in April


Six of Ohio's licensed medical marijuana dispensaries opened last month and Washington County will soon be joining them.

CannAscend Ohio, which has been setting up shop on Greene Street in Mariett, is expected to open by April.

People with one of 21 qualifying conditions will be able to buy medical marijuana with a physician's recommendation. This will be the first dispensary to open in Washington county.

"The date for opening because we're pushing very fast along," CannAscend chairman James Gould said in a phone interview, "in fact, we've already started to install the vault, but the inspection and opening date is the end of March, beginning of April."

"You know we're focused on security and compliance and we're working very diligently."

Ohio health official announced last week 68 pounds of marijuana has been sold since dispensaries opened last month.

UPDATE 7/24/18

Some Marietta residents have voiced concerns about the proposed location and its proximity to Don Drumm Stadium.

City Council approved the zoning of where the dispensary could open but not the specific location.

We hit the downtown streets Monday to get some of the public's opinion on medical marijuana and the location.

Cannascend Alternative LLC plans to open at 414 Greene Street located right across the street from the stadium.

Most people we spoke to declined to go on camera but said they're in favor of medical marijuana for those that need it.

One person objected to the location but said they don't mind them setting up somewhere else in town.

Some that did go on camera were in favor of it.

"I think it's about time that it finally comes to the Mid Ohio Valley. I think that it could really benefit people, especially those that have cancer," a Marietta resident said, who did not want to give her name.

"I think a lot of people are more scared of it because they hear the word marijuana," said resident Courtney Knochs, "but the medical part of it, I don't think it's going to be as big of a deal. And I don't think the location is going to impact the area as much as everyone thinks it's going to."

Cannascend still needs to get the location approval from the state pharmacy board and permits from the county buildings department.


Marietta will soon have its own medical marijuana dispensary.

The Ohio State Board of Pharmacy approved 56 sites across the state Monday.

Provisional license winners have six months to meet all requirements before they can open their doors to consumers.

Cannascend Alternative LLC. is planning to set up shop at 414 Greene Street in Marietta. It was formerly occupied by Michael Bradley and Company. It's located on the corner right before the ramp to the Williamstown Bridge.

Some residents with qualifying conditions say it's about time.

"Yes. I'm personally one of those people and i know several people that would be willing and ready to come and experience that and be able to use it," local resident Sandy Simmons said. "I just think it's a really good idea. I'm glad to see it coming into the area."

Ohio's medical marijuana law passed two years ago. It states the program must begin by September 8.

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