Mid-Ohio Valley Safety Council discusses carrying a concealed weapon at work

Published: Jan. 15, 2020 at 6:26 PM EST
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The Mid-Ohio Valley Safety Council met for lunch Wednesday to discuss carrying concealed firearms in the workplace.

Two Washington County Sheriff’s Deputies spoke to the dozens of community members about the issue, and encouraged discussion.

While officials say it's mostly up to the employer to implement policies on carrying a weapon, community members offered their thoughts on when it could be appropriate to carry at work.

“I think it depends on the type of business you’re dealing with. In our situation, I don’t feel we need to have something there, although there are several of us there who do have our concealed carry permits. Do we bring our weapons onto the property? Not to my knowledge, we don’t,” said Becky Hilverding, an employee of Metaltech Steel in Marietta.

“I think it’s a good idea for any employer to have a good policy in place. However they want to administer it. Our particular company, we do not want firearms in the work place, so we have that as a part of our handbook policy,” said Joe Wesel with American Producer Supply Company.

Authorities say the Ohio Attorney General’s website can teach the public more about conceal carry permits and when and where it’s legal to carry.

“We would encourage business owners and operators to establish some sort of policy as far as bringing concealed carry onto their property or into their work place. And certainly be familiar with the Ohio Attorney General’s website. There is a book on there that will lay out some specifics as far as what you can and cannot do," said Washington County Sheriff's Deputy Mary Pfeiffer.

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