Mid-Ohio Valley boxers to fight on national stages

Published: Jan. 16, 2020 at 7:27 PM EST
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Let’s get ready to rumble!

Not one, but Two Mid-Ohio Valley boxers are competing on national stages on January 18, 2020.

Weighing in at 248 pounds, heavyweight professional boxer Andrew Satterfield is heading to New York this weekend to take on a relative newcomer to the pro scene this Saturday. He's a Toledo man who is undefeated after two fights.

“You get out of West Virginia and fight more competition. Yeah, there’s a couple of tough guys here, but it’s nothing like it is in other states and other countries. I mean, there’s much better competition,” said Satterfield.

Despite his humility, Satterfield says he’s ready for this weekend.

“I’m ready to do it. Let’s see what the young kid’s got,” said Satterfield.

Just shy of his weight goal, weighing in around 150 pounds, welterweight Preston Wilson is feeling confident in his boxing ability.

“I’m ready to go. I’m confident, There’s no doubt in my mind I can shock the world with this fight. And I really 100% mean that. I’m ready to go, I promise you that,” said Wilson.

Wilson is heading to Philadelphia to face Vito Mielnicki Jr. He's an undefeated prospect from the New Jersey area.

While Wilson is feeling ready, he says it has taken years to get to this level.

“Now it’s time to show the community, to show everyone, OK, I deserve to be here. I can hang in there, I can bang with the best, I can go the distance with the best,” said Wilson.

Wilson and Satterfield may be in different weight classes, but they know each other well. They both train at Dawghouse Gym in Parkersburg.

“This gym is very special. It gives people the opportunities in a small town like we have to actually make it to the big stages. I’ve been affiliated with Mike Sheppard. Mike Sheppard has stepped on some huge stages in his life and now he’s just looking to give back to the youth and give back to the community,” said Kenny Watkins, a trainer at Dawghouse Gym.

Satterfield and Wilson aren’t the only ones who are confident in their abilities. Watkins thinks they’re ready too.

“You know they both have some skill, they both had done some amateur boxing, things like that. Andrew Satterfield has fought in the Toughman competition. I believe Preston has too. I know Andrew is a two-time Toughman champion. And you know, they both worked their way out from amateur up into the actual pro rankings,” said Watkins.

“I have this saying, ‘getting it out of the mud’ it means to comin’ from nothing. You know what I mean? That’s my saying, and that’s my team. We’re going to get out there and put up a good fight,” said Wilson.

Satterfield’s fight will air on ESPN+ on Saturday, and on the same night, Wilson’s fight will air on Fox. Watkins says both fights are somewhere between the opener and the main event of both shows.

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