Mid-Ohio Valley family full of Valentine's Day birthdays

PARKERSBURG, W. Va. Valentine's Day holds a special meaning for the Hardman family here in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Bryan Hardman is one of three members of his family to be born on Valentine's Day.

"It's okay but it seems like you just buy other people stuff for your birthday," said Bryan Hardman, father.

Brian's grandfather was also born on Valentine's Day but he passed back in October.

"He was tickled pink that he had a grandson and a great-grandson born on his birthday," said Deborah Hardman, mother of the family.

Now Bryan's youngest grandson, Matthew will be turning 1 on Valentine's Day. Brian's mother, Deborah says her dad really enjoyed having his birthday on Valentine's Day.

"So we always made Valentine's Day special because of the continuance of the birthday. My dad always wanted one of his grand kids to be born on Valentine's Day because none of his kids were," said Deborah.

Deborah says, not only was it her dad's birthday but it was also her parents anniversary.

The Hardman family says they just enjoy celebrating the day together.

Skylar says, growing up her dad always bought her and her sister Valentine's gifts.

"He says that it should be called Brian's day instead of Valentine's Day but usually I buy him a cake for his birthday and then I buy him a present for Valentine's Day," said Skylar Hardman, daughter.

The Hardman family is just looking forward to being all together this Friday.

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