Mid-Ohio Valley resident competes on "Worst Cooks in America"

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Washington, W. Va. resident and chemist Leo Lech was invited to participate in Food Network's "Worst Cooks in America" competition show.

Leo Lech, Washington, West Virginia. Credit: Food Network

Leo was first approached about the show by his daughters, who thought he'd be perfect for the show. After watching, Leo agreed and decided to apply.

Once he passed all of the application processes, Leo was then brought in for screening, and after many long weeks, he was invited to be one of 16 contestants on their Season 18 series.

Leo learned a lot from his time on the show, particularly on improving his cooking. He said seasoning the food was the key to improving his cooking abilities.

Along with improving his cooking abilities, he spent a lot of time with the contestants and the crew, and he enjoyed his time with them. He called it "more of a friendly competition."

Leo is proud to represent the Mid-Ohio Valley, and is aware that not a lot of people from the area get national TV exposure, and he wanted to take advantage of that.

"I actually felt very honored," said Lech. "A lot of times, West Virginia in mainstream media, doesn't get a lot of, a lot of press. And so, to represent especially the Mid-Ohio Valley, you know, I thought was very important and I feel that I represented the Mid-Ohio Valley very well."

You can catch Leo and the rest of the contestants every Sunday night on the Food Network at 9 p.m.