Momma T and the Warriors feed community with the help of donations

Published: Jun. 21, 2020 at 12:11 AM EDT
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Momma T and the Warriors began picking up food from the Rock Church a few weeks ago. The Rock Church is receiving produce and dairy donations from City Serve.

City Serve is an organization that collects produce and dairy from farmers, so the food doesn't go to waste.

Momma T and the Warriors with the help of St. Joseph's Recovery Center fed the community at Lauckport Baptist Church.​

"We had six truck loads plus all of our automobiles and we've already gone through it all and we also had people come up and we've been able to pray with them and pray blessings over their houses and their automobiles and stuff," said Teresa Racer, Momma T and the Warriors. So, it's just a great blessing and there's a lot of hungry people out here that aren't working."

The volunteers from St, Joseph's want people to know that the center is not just from people in trouble and they do enjoy giving back and helping the community.

Beginning next month, Racer will be able to get the food from the Rock Church weekly and she will set up food pick up in various parts of town.