Mon Power's Harrisville service center employees achieve safety milestone

Published: Apr. 20, 2017 at 2:36 PM EDT
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A local Mon Power service center has achieved a major safety milestone.

Mon Power employees based at the company's Harrisville Service Center have worked 30 years without receiving an injury that requires medical treatment beyond first aid.

About 21 Mon Power employees at the Harrisville location in Ritchie County, both current and retired, played a role in reaching the safety milestone.

That includes line workers, meter readers, distribution technicians, and supervisors.

Officials with the company say safety is the biggest priority, and they couldn't be more proud of the group.

"It starts with the employees and they come to work every day with a focus on looking out for each other," said Chuck Jones, CEO and President of FirstEnergy.

"We are concerned about the safety for each other, for the employees, for your personal safety, for our customers' safety and everyone else, so to go 30 years without an injury that requires any kind of doctor's care or prescription medication... that's a tall order," said Todd Meyers, a Spokesperson for Mon Power.

To celebrate the milestone, FirstEnergy's President and Chief Executive Officer held a luncheon with the employees today at the Harrisville Service Center.