Mountaineer Food Bank returns with mobile pantry

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Mountaineer Food Bank returned to Wood County on Tuesday with their mobile food pantry set up in the Chemour's Facility parking lot.

They are expecting four food pantries in Wood County for 2020, and Chemour's is happy to host each time.

“The first time it was just awesome," said Darren Bro, unit manager at Chemour's. "We want to do it again and again, and so we’re really happy that they’ve given us those chances. I’ve been working at the front gate giving people directions in so I get to talk to them then and on their way out, they always give me a thank you or a smile or nod, and it’s great, they’re happy, we’re happy to help them out.”

The volunteers came from the United Way Alliance of the MOV, and some workers from Recovery Point. Residents of the community are thankful that is opportunity is available to them.

"Something like this is a blessing for our family," said Jessica Archer, Wood County resident. "My husband has a full-time job, and he works very hard to provide for us, but we don’t qualify for any benefits. So, because of that, we’re one of the many families that slips through the cracks. So, this is a wonderful service not just for us, but for the community as a whole."

A difference in these pantries is that there are no qualifications to be able to receive the food. Any person or family is eligible.

"It’s a great opportunity for the folks," said Stacy Decicco, Executive Director of the United Way Alliance of the MOV. "Because we’re bringing those mobile pantries in, there’s no requirements. These folks are pulling up, filling out a quick information sheet but there’s not documentation. There’s not minimum requirements. This is, if food makes a difference in your family life this week, show up, get in line, let’s put this box in your car.”