National Dog Appreciation day special to local hospital

Published: Aug. 26, 2019 at 6:50 PM EDT
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National Dog Appreciation Day is a day to appreciate our furry friends whether you are a pet owner or just like to admire dogs from a distance.

WVU Medicine Camden Clark has a popular furry friend, his name is Burgh.

Pet visitation started back in January of 2018 at the hospital and Burgh has been bringing smiles to patients and employees ever since.

Jennifer Bryant and her pet dog, Burgh are apart of the pet visitation team at WVU Medicine Camden Clark.

“The patients are usually really receptive to Burgh especially if they have pets at home that they are missing and the staff seems to really just enjoy a break just to get some pet snuggles and Burgh is usually pretty happy to give those," said Bryant.

Jennifer said she decided to bring Burgh after reading studies that show how pet visitation makes patients happier.

Patients like Angie, Angie Nokleby has a pet cat at home and seeing Burgh reminds her of him.

“You’re in here with four walls and you need something to brighten your day," said Nokleby.

Even if only for a moment, patients and staff enjoy the time they get to spend with Burgh.