New terminal planned for Harrison County airport

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HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV) - More than 9,500 people flew through the North Central West Virginia Airport last month, and officials say those numbers will grow. With all the growth, the airport needs more space and newer facilities.

Officials with the airport say a new terminal is needed with double the size. One possibility: remodeling an existing building.

"We'll basically go from 12,000 square feet to about 25,000." said the airport's director, Rick Rock. "We have some good opportunities there with buildings we already have."

This project has been in the works for the last several months and could cost nearly $6 million with funding coming from the Federal Aviation Administration and the airport-improvement program.

"There are ramp upgrades we need to have and terminal upgrades too. So it's not just in the building, it's also the projects around it. So this could go anywhere from $6 million to a $10-12 million project."

Completion of the new terminal is expected by next summer to accommodate the airport;'s busy summer travel season, but it could not happen if problems with funding occur.

"This was the best summer we've ever had as far as service," said Rock. "We're going to have over 65,000 passengers coming in and out this year. Last year, we had a little less than 50,000."

Officials say they need to plan towards the future growth of the airport. Expansion is an ever-present possibility moving forward, and they need to be ready for an influx of flyers.

"In 10, 15, 20, years you can see if we continue on the same trajectory we're on now that we'll need even more. But we definitely need to meet the needs that we have now."